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Green Assessors

Welcome to Green Assessors

Green Assessors is an independent energy consultancy. We advise Businesses, Public Sector Organisations & Charitable Bodies on ways to reduce energy consumption in light of ever increasing energy costs and help to ensure that our clients are on the most competitive deal for their gas and electricity supply.

Our team of experts can provide comprehensive advice and help by:

  • Reducing costs - by achieving the most competitive prices available from energy suppliers, be it in the wholesale markets or through supply contract negotiations
  • Saving time and work - by providing fully outsourced solutions, which take complex purchasing and administrative issues off the shoulders of managers and frees them up to do what they do best, run their own business
  • Ensuring transparency - through the firm's ethic of fully visible, costed-out billing, putting clients fully in the picture at all times and in firm control of their consumption and costs
  • Energy efficiency – advising on ways to improve energy efficiency and hence reducing consumption and ensuring compliance with relevant energy efficiency legislation
  • Monitoring and Validation – through verifying consumption and billing information.

Green Assessors partners with over twenty energy providers to offer you the most competitive market deals for gas and electricity. For your no obligation energy quote contact us on 020 8090 9694.


Green Assessors - 02080909694